Abdul Kalam Azad The First Education Minister of India

 Abdul Kalam Azad

Abdul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed Azad
Born: 11th November 1888 ,Mecca,Saudi Arabia.
Died :22nd February 1958, Delhi,India.
Spouse: Zuleikha Begum.
Party: Indian National Congress.
Books: India Wins Freedom.
Awards: Bharat Ratna

Mulana Abdul Kalam Azad was an Indian Muslim Scholar and a senior Political leader of the Indian Independence movement. 
He was one of the Most prominent Muslim leaders to support Hindu-Muslim unity, opposing the Partition of India on communal lines.Azad's freedom struggle started when he met two leading revolutionaries of Bengal-Aurobindo Ghosh and Sri Shyam Shunder  Chakravarty, and jonined the revolutionary movement against British rule.

 Azed found that the revolutionary activities were restricted to Bengal and Bihar. Within two years, Maulana Abdul Kalam ,helped setup secret revolutionary  centers all over north india and Bombay.During that time most of his revolutionaries were Anti-Muslim because they felt that the British government was using the muslim community against India's freedom struggle.Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad tried to convince his colleagues to shed their hostility towards Muslim. 
In 1912,Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad started a weekly journal in Urdu called "Al Hilal".
When played an important role in forging Hindu-Muslim unity.Following India's independence,he became the first minister of education in the indian government.